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Monday, August 30, 2010

arnab yang turun dari langit.

Di suatu pagi yang hening,
kami semua sedang menikmati juadah bersahur.
hati aku terasa dug dag..
ntah ade ape yang tak kena.
hari tu hari Jumaat
tergerak hati nih nak pegi tengok arnab.
risau kalau ade ape ape yang tak kena dengan mereke.

sampai sampai kat bawah.
aku ternampak ade 2 ekor arnab kecik berlari lari
di samping 2 ekor arnab dewasa yang memang aku lepaskan di atas tanah.
hati dah makin tak sedap. mungkin kandang untuk arnab-arnab kecik dah bocor.
aku tinjau kandang dan kire. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6....
semua ada...

checking punye checking...

arnab kecik tuh sebenarnya ialah anak kepada 2 ekor arnab dewasa yang 
aku lepaskan kat atas tanah.
pandainya dia buat sarang dalam tanah dan besarkan anak anak dia...

hepinya tak terkira sebab terjumpa 2 ekor arnab comel !!!

nihla rupe dia..
sekor nama cherry, sekor lagi tiger.. heheheee... ;)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ciri ciri lelaki kacak

Ke-hensem-an atau ke-kacak-an adelah sangat subjektif  kepade setiap individu.
Saye mempunyai satu garis panduan untuk menilai kehenseman setiap lelaki

Bagi saye, lelaki yang hensem dan kacak ini  tidak hanye terletak kepade wajahnye yang dah sah sah menawan.
tetapi, kepade budi pekerti dan ke-rendang-an beliau.

Pembabitan saye dalam menilai kegiatan ke-kacak-an seseorang lelaki adalah sangat meluas
dan kini saya mahu kongsikan dengan anda semua.

Ciri - ciri lelaki hensem (mengikut buku panduan cik ninut)

1- Lelaki itu mempunyai gigi yang rata. bila dia tersenyum. sejuk mata memandang.

2- Lelaki itu berambut pendek dan kemas. maksudnya ciri ciri kebersihan amat penting dlm aspek ini.

3- Lelaki itu tinggi. bila tinggi, badan menjadi sasa secara automatis kerana mahu mengimbangi cara mereka berjalan. macam model tuh.. ha....

4- Lelaki itu baik. bila dia baik, cakap pun lembut lembut, pandai memanjakan, rajin, pandai jaga hati, tak pandai berkasar.

ha.. nihla dia kehenseman sebenar. xkira la dia gemuk ke.. kurus ke.. itam ke.. putih ke..

nih la ciri ciri basic lelaki hensem. kalau dia kaya, itu merupakan satu bonus. hehehe....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

rabbit's lover :D

i had a friend who told me that, if you love rabbit,
then you are sexually active.

cos rabbit is the symbol of playboy / sex?

then, i should have been married illegally by now., rite?
fortunately, i still can keep my virginity secretly safe.. hehe..

anyway.. i love rabbit so much. just want to tell you guys,
there's nothing more precious in my life, by hearing all this rabbits "talk back" to me,
if i feel so down and sad..

these are my rabbits

i have a pair of adult rabbits, with 5 small rabbits and 1 adopted rabbit (given by a friend of mind)

This is momon. the youngest among others

my cat, kekabu, and rabbits are playing around

kekabu and momon

cat and rabbit are just best friend :D

They were just playing around..

Just sharing about my adorable rabbits. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Knowing the Man’s Mind

Knowing a guy’s psyche is not easy. Actually, you never really can know anybody’s psyche. Each individual is different but you can always stereotype people. There are certain things that are true to every man and woman. If a woman says, “it is fine”, it definitely isn’t. This is a fact. Likewise, there are certain things about men that are true too. You need to know these things when you are in the dating scenario so that you don’t ball your fists or pull out your hair trying to figure out the complexities of the man.

The first thing is, if a man really likes you, he will call himself. You don’t have to stalk him or call him to see if he has lost your phone number. Yes, ladies, if the guy really wants to go out with you again, he will make sure he calls you even if he actually has lost your number.

If a guy is not calling, it means he never will. Yes, he might say he’ll call you and then he doesn’t call for two long days. Well, take the hint, he will not call. You might say there have been times when the guy has called after 5 days and the person concerned is now happily married, but ladies, there are exceptions to every rule. Don’t get your hopes up just because you have seen one instance. As I said earlier, not all individuals are the same.

If he really likes you and wants this thing to be perfect, he will be more respectful towards you. You will see him really trying to make an impression. If you see him taking calls in the middle of dinner and not bothering to hang up before ten minutes, well, he just might not be that into you. Remember, it could really be an emergency call, but not always.

There’s always the first kiss to know just how much a guy cares. This is not something can be explained as every lady knows the future of the relationship when she kisses the guy for the first time. However, if the kiss is tender and soft, and not lusty at all, then you know the good vibe is on.

So, ladies, these are some keys to understand men that I thought you should know. Keep them in mind and keep yourself happy

 pic : frustration on man's behavior.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

human.. rather man or woman. always complicated!

There's a second,
when you want to be disappear and walk happily...

There's a minute
when you want to take a nap, instead of working

there's an hour
when you feel like just eating without a single chat, even you have million words around you

there's a day,
when you just want to sit down and knowing yourself again.

there's a week,
whereby you feel like you don't want to see any of your peeps and friends

there's a weekend,
whereby you feel like shopping unstop-able-ly

there's a month,
when you don't want to work but waiting for the pay-check at the end.

there's a season,
when you can't hardly wait, to get the ball kicking again.

and of cos there's a year,
that you wish it wont driving so fast.. just because you dont want to grow older.

sometimes, you even confuse on what you are asking for.
human.. rather man or woman. always complicated!.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Why men marry Bitches

I went out last Sunday, to "browse" what is happening to the world now days.
while having a coffee, i browse the man instead of the haywire sale that is been going.

Who's the MAN? can we identify man?
Men are the one with those characters :-

M - Money
A - Authority
N - Need
great!! its easy to find!! but.... Why men marry bitches instead of nice girls?
this book helps me to find the answer.

And there's another one that keeps me breathing..

Mummy said to me once " no wonder u didn't have a boyfriend! u have such a lame hobby"
nothing to argue.. i love reading, blogging and....

cam whoring.. heheheeee.....

I'll find someone along the way mummy.. don't worry.. heheheee....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

a smile day

Thursday / 29July 2010 / 11.20am
i walk in to my client's office.
there's no receptionist.
but the first person i saw, was this cute guy.
he pleased me to seat down.
my heart keep jumping up and down.
i finally seat after 3minutes standing.
usually, its really obvious seeing me 'like-ing" someone. demmit.
but.. i could control on this.
congrats me. hehe.

Thursday / 29July 2010 / 11.32am 
person in charge come and talk to me.
i did deliver the product knowledge confidently.
like always.. hehe

Thursday / 29July 2010 / 12.05 pm
after the discussion. i finally had a chance to talk to him.
asking a stupid question.
but he answer it well.
he's pretty simple and honest.
i like this type of guy

Thursday / 29July 2010 / 4.20 pm
Telling my colleague about this cute guy.
no effort to figure out who he is.
this is bad.
i might loose an opportunity.
he might be married.
or. had a girlfriend anyway.
so forget it!

Thursday / 29July 2010 / 10.05pm
received 1 friend request on Facebook.
accepted blindly, cos I'm still at the office.

Friday / 30July2010 / 8.05am
log in the Facebook through Blackberry
i saw the guy that i accepted yesterday.
it is HIM.
that cute guy!

and so, we went out on Sunday!!! this is awesome!!