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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Something to laugh about ;)

This is so not happening.. Haha..

' Who's the dude?!! ' A father ask angrily to his pregnant daughter and the mother yelled while crying said ' call him and ask him to come over now!!! '

Then the girl call the guy who make her pregnant...

After an hour,the guy came driving a ferrari and discuss with the girl's parents.' Well sir I'm sry to make yr daughter pregnant,and sry I can't marry yr daughter cos my wife won't allow me to do so bt if yr daughter is pregnant with a baby girl, I will gv her 2 big supermarket,2 condo and 50 thousand dollar. if she's pregnant with a baby boy then I will double up to 2 big supermarket,2 condo,2 sports car and a 100 thousand dollar.Bt before tht I hv to ask,just in case if smthg happen to her tht make her lost the baby then how? '

Then the father tap on the guy's shoulder and the mom stop crying, both of them said ' well u can always try again! '


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d_LA said...

hahaha...lawakkk pnye bapak..

apples,dia.. said...


Nina Nurziana said...

kan! hehhee