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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little Girl and a Rabbit

A little girl goes to a pet shop and asks "excuse, me do you have any little rabbits?"

The shopkeeper's heart melts, he gets down on his knees so that he is on her level and says "do you want a widdle white wabbit or a thoft fwuffy bwack wabbit, or one like that widdle bwown one over there?"

The little girl blushes, rocks back on her heels, puts her hands on her knees, leans forward and whispers, " I don't wealy fink my anaconda gives a phuc."
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Alexchris123 said...

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_aLiaHwaFa_ said...

LOL. cute! kinda. haha

Nina Nurziana said...

hihihi...~ real cute ;)