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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Knowing the Man’s Mind

Knowing a guy’s psyche is not easy. Actually, you never really can know anybody’s psyche. Each individual is different but you can always stereotype people. There are certain things that are true to every man and woman. If a woman says, “it is fine”, it definitely isn’t. This is a fact. Likewise, there are certain things about men that are true too. You need to know these things when you are in the dating scenario so that you don’t ball your fists or pull out your hair trying to figure out the complexities of the man.

The first thing is, if a man really likes you, he will call himself. You don’t have to stalk him or call him to see if he has lost your phone number. Yes, ladies, if the guy really wants to go out with you again, he will make sure he calls you even if he actually has lost your number.

If a guy is not calling, it means he never will. Yes, he might say he’ll call you and then he doesn’t call for two long days. Well, take the hint, he will not call. You might say there have been times when the guy has called after 5 days and the person concerned is now happily married, but ladies, there are exceptions to every rule. Don’t get your hopes up just because you have seen one instance. As I said earlier, not all individuals are the same.

If he really likes you and wants this thing to be perfect, he will be more respectful towards you. You will see him really trying to make an impression. If you see him taking calls in the middle of dinner and not bothering to hang up before ten minutes, well, he just might not be that into you. Remember, it could really be an emergency call, but not always.

There’s always the first kiss to know just how much a guy cares. This is not something can be explained as every lady knows the future of the relationship when she kisses the guy for the first time. However, if the kiss is tender and soft, and not lusty at all, then you know the good vibe is on.

So, ladies, these are some keys to understand men that I thought you should know. Keep them in mind and keep yourself happy

 pic : frustration on man's behavior.


Mr Noble said...

kalu blom kawin mana bleh sentuh. so takleh la buat first kiss.

Aidi-Safuan said...

hahahaa.... semua ke? xde la. ramai jerla yang camnih. ade je lelaki memang x call sebab xde kredit. :P

Nina Nurziana said...

hahaha... bleh jadi gak kan.. hahaha

Notami said...

yup! i agree with what mr.noble said. i think u should not write like that since u are a muslimah, rite!

but than again, what u wrote about men, it might be true n might be not..after all, human is very complicated.

Nina Nurziana said...

yup it is..

thanks for the opinion ;)

Anonymous said...

dulu i buat bende sebijik mcm yg tulis kt blog ni kt my ex-gf. call slalu and caring la lebih kurang. tapi ape jadi last2? die mcm tak appreciate langsung usaha yg diberi ni. Jual mahal and stuff like that la kononnye. a simple thanks would be nice

so to all the girls out there. kalau dah ada boifren yg jaga korang tu...try to take care of them back ok. dont just take, remember to give too. baru lah relationship tu lagi bermakna.

Nina Nurziana said...

btul... better pg kat orang sayang kita.. dari kita yang terhegeh2 pg kat orang yang kite sayang..

budak baek said...

mizz nina, u tulis ni base on ur experience ke??
then u mmg practically gune this guideline utk berkenalan dgn lelaki??
thanx 4 answer,really appreciate it..

Nina Nurziana said...

sometimes ;)

budak baek said...

kalu laki tu pemalu mcm mn??
huhu siannya lelaki pemalu mcm i ni.. =(

Nina Nurziana said...

well, i cant tell tho, what u should or shouldnt do. cos its subjective. depends on case to case basis. ;)