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Thursday, August 5, 2010

a smile day

Thursday / 29July 2010 / 11.20am
i walk in to my client's office.
there's no receptionist.
but the first person i saw, was this cute guy.
he pleased me to seat down.
my heart keep jumping up and down.
i finally seat after 3minutes standing.
usually, its really obvious seeing me 'like-ing" someone. demmit.
but.. i could control on this.
congrats me. hehe.

Thursday / 29July 2010 / 11.32am 
person in charge come and talk to me.
i did deliver the product knowledge confidently.
like always.. hehe

Thursday / 29July 2010 / 12.05 pm
after the discussion. i finally had a chance to talk to him.
asking a stupid question.
but he answer it well.
he's pretty simple and honest.
i like this type of guy

Thursday / 29July 2010 / 4.20 pm
Telling my colleague about this cute guy.
no effort to figure out who he is.
this is bad.
i might loose an opportunity.
he might be married.
or. had a girlfriend anyway.
so forget it!

Thursday / 29July 2010 / 10.05pm
received 1 friend request on Facebook.
accepted blindly, cos I'm still at the office.

Friday / 30July2010 / 8.05am
log in the Facebook through Blackberry
i saw the guy that i accepted yesterday.
it is HIM.
that cute guy!

and so, we went out on Sunday!!! this is awesome!!



Mr Noble said...

wau! mesti sgt seronok!!!
selamat berdating!

p/s: bukan muhrim jgn pegang2 tau! haha! :p

Uruchimaru @ kf said...

wah! gud luck!

brat2104 said...


waa..bestnye.. jeles!!!

cindir-rela said...

seriusly?? true story??

wah..damn excited!! hahahah...gud luck!!

dont forget to tell the whole story here k after sunday!!!:)

Jard The Great said...

cinta berputik? ehehe

Anonymous said... best jek....=D

Mohd Fadil said...

huh...boleh buat novel nih...cayukk cayukk...kenduri esok jangan lupa jemput...

a i d a ; said...

wah!! seronoknya.. >__<

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

wah! hahahaha macam kdrama/jdrama pong ade jugak! XD

GreenLava said...

Ahh...the wonder of Facebook.
Back in my heyday, it would've ended there, at 4.20 :)

amoi said...

kau hanya perlukan dua hari untuk tackle that guy ke?
cpt nya dapat date sama2.



thomas said...

seems like a case of love at first sight,He!he!

Nina Nurziana said...

haha... thanks guys.

i wont be too fast.. cos im afraid it wont last..

so just slow and steady! hehe

-= Daf ne3 =- said...

wah... Any updates?

Nina Nurziana said...

haha... just a normal date. ^__^

julita aishah said...!

Nina Nurziana said...

kan? hehehee ;)

aiDieNa said...

Wah really awesome!! Like dream comes true hehehh.. best of luck!