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Sunday, August 8, 2010

human.. rather man or woman. always complicated!

There's a second,
when you want to be disappear and walk happily...

There's a minute
when you want to take a nap, instead of working

there's an hour
when you feel like just eating without a single chat, even you have million words around you

there's a day,
when you just want to sit down and knowing yourself again.

there's a week,
whereby you feel like you don't want to see any of your peeps and friends

there's a weekend,
whereby you feel like shopping unstop-able-ly

there's a month,
when you don't want to work but waiting for the pay-check at the end.

there's a season,
when you can't hardly wait, to get the ball kicking again.

and of cos there's a year,
that you wish it wont driving so fast.. just because you dont want to grow older.

sometimes, you even confuse on what you are asking for.
human.. rather man or woman. always complicated!.



Akram Razali said...

Sesungguhnya manusia tidak pernah merasa puas...mcm khutbah la plak. He3..Dh tukar theme nampaknye

ken said...

human with their complicated life =P

Nina Nurziana said...

yup! they never feel satisfied...

akram - hitam kan menawan :D

Uruchimaru @ kf said...

hee.....saya pn kdg2 x fhm dgn diri sendiri nina!

Nina Nurziana said...

tuh la.. kompius.. hehee

Mr Noble said...

tu la byk sgt pk. just do it man!

Nina Nurziana said...

simple is trouble.
thats y we tend to think more.

mungkin kita semua lupe yang less is more :D

Kelvin said...

We are too greedy to stop~
But happiness is always very simple.

Nina Nurziana said...

yup! thats the truth!
learn how to say thank you :D