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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels..

Once i read about this, i feel like not eating.this is a size 0 motto, belongs to Kate Moss.

im size 8! some pants and shirt even in size 10!
i cant fit anything lower than L size, or the shirt will be dem short.
hate this!

I went to buy my baju kurung last Friday.
I always buy L and im buying L
i even try the L but mummy said the baju was terrifyingly big.

Am i smaller now,mummy? I dont think so.

Im growing fatter and fatter everyday.

i want size 0!! help me...... :((((


Mr Noble said...

diet & exercise?

Anonymous said...

All that matters is to lose weight healthily. I was once weighed 110kg and now I'm down to 70kg. At first it feels good that for once I can fit into size M and pants size 32. But then when I think about it, why do I let myself defined by clothes. Embrace those curves babe!

yusz78 said...

wooo, teruskan usaha dear

Nina Nurziana said...

trying hard now.. :(

Affan Ruslan said...

ttbe confius,
tak pernah pulak dgr size 0.
ada ker?

Nina Nurziana said...

ade.. sila google :D